July 4th, 2013

Solomon ibn Gabirol - Where Will I Find You (Fragments)

Where, Lord will I find you?
your place is high and obscured.
    And where
       won't I find you:
   Your glory fills the world.


But could the Lord, in truth,
     dwell in men on earth?
How would men you made
     from the dust and clay
fathom your presence there,
     enthroned upon their praise?
     The creatures hovering over
     the world praise your wonders --
          your throne borne high
               above their heads,
     as you beat all forever.

Poetry Chaikhana | Solomon ibn Gabirol - Where Will I Find You

What is that word "beat" in the last line?  Is is supposed to be "bear" or "be/"
Or does it mean "bless" as in "beatitude" to bless, to beatify?  To beautify?

My new definition of beatitude: (is it mine?, is it new?) "an attitude of blessing," an attitude of being blessed;" "an attitude of beauty."  An attitude of blessedness.

Is the similarity in English between beatify and beautiful coincidental?  Etymology might tell me.

July Fourth Twenty Thirteen

I spent the afternoon and early evening with Dianne, as usual, but stayed longer than usual.  Ate supper at the nursing home.  Her insurance has discontinued coverage again, and this time it looks like they will be able to make it stick.  This is very upsetting to her and she is talking about suing.  She is not a litigious person but she feels she is being abused and that an injustice is being committed.  I agree but i so abhor the hassle of getting involved with the law and the courts.  I told her i will support whatever decision she makes, but i;m certain i did not sound convincing.  Despite that, it was a joy, as always to spend time with her

In other news, my younger daughter commented to my Father's Day post.  That was a shock,  a joyful shock.  I had no idea that she was reading my journal.  Now i wonder if my older daughter also reads it?  And she can really express herself through the written word!!

I wore my dirty brown t-shirt honoring the Tlingit nation.  I felt it was the least i could do to remember the day.