June 28th, 2013

Defining Love?

"To love is to act intentionally in sympathetic response to others (including God) to promote overall well-being."

"Agape is intentional response to promote overall well-being when confronted by that which generates ill-being."

-- Thomas Jay Oord, 2005.

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Do you have a definition of love that you like?

Rainer Maria Rilke - I am praying again, Awesome One (Fragments)

With my half-mouth I stammer you,
who are eternal in your symmetry.
I lift to you my half-hands
in wordless beseeching, that I may find again
the eyes with which I once beheld you.

It's here in all the pieces of my shame
that now I find myself gain.
I yearn to belong to something, to be contained
in an all-embracing mind that sees me
as a single thing.
I yearn to be held
in the great hands of your heart--
oh let them take me now.

Into them I place these fragments, my life,
and you, God -- spend them however you want.

An English language version of the entire poem can be read here:
Poetry Chaikhana | Rainer Maria Rilke - I am praying again, Awesome One

John Mays and Jon Mohr, Love In Any Language Lyrics (Fragments)

Je t'aime
Te amo
Ya ti-bya lyu blyu
Ani o hev ot cha
I love you

The sounds are all as different
As the lands from which they came
And though the words are all unique
Our hearts are still the same


We teach the young our differences
Yet look how we're the same
We love to laugh, to dream our dreams
We know the sting of pain


Oh maybe when we realize
How much there is to share
We'll find too much in common
To pretend it isn't there


Tho' the rehtoric of government
May keep us worlds apart
There's no misinterpreting
The language of the heart

Love in any language
Straight from the heart
Pulls us all together
Never apart
And once we learn to speak it
All the world will hear
Love in any language
Fluently spoken here

Love In Any Language Lyrics — Sandi Patti | Album: Other Songs A - W