June 14th, 2013

Simran -- The Power of Repeating God’s Name

Sant Tukarama:

"Such is God’s Name
that it heals the disease of the world.
Whosoever repeats the Lord’s Name
while engaged in earthly duties,
remains ever in a blissful state of divine communion.
One absorbed in the Lord’s Name, O Tuka,
has truly attained liberation while living."

This spiritual exercise of repeating God's Name helps to uplift our day, to bring some of the heaven and bliss of meditation into our down-to-earth daily experience, and is a way to remember in a world of forgetfulness, to remain awake in a world of spiritual slumber, to abide in Truth, no longer dominated by the forces of illusion. Be who you really are wherever you go!
Radhasoami - Simran -- The Power of Repeating God’s Name

Thanks to agochar at radhasoami

What is God's name?  Your choice/guess is as good as anybody's, the god of your understanding, as the twelve-steppers say.  Or in my case, the god who accepts my failure to understand. I call her Irene.