June 13th, 2013

Update, Part 2 Reprieve

The insurance company is paying for two more weeks of therapy.  This should be time enough for Dianne and the physical therapists to prove that progress is being made and that continued therapy will be useful to her,  I see progress as heartbreakingly slow but the therapists are enthusiastic about her progress, and i trust them more than i trust my eyes,

Lesson Two: Aspergers Syndrome Is A Form Of Autism.

Dianne refers to my condition as Aspergers.  I think that she does not like it that i refer to myself as an autist.
And, really, i use the term "autistic" to convey solidarity with all people on the spectrum.  Secretly, i think of myself as more nearly neurotypical than autistic.  In the five years since i made my self-diagnosis, i feel that i have coped pretty well.  In fact, i would have said that my diagnosis actually made relationships and life in general better because i was able to see faulty perceptions and behaviors quickly and nip them in the bud -- before i became a full blown asshole.

Even before Dianne's injury, Idaho Falls had started to teach me that Asperger's syndrome is autism.  It started with the directional challenge.  I literally had to be led by the nose to get to where i wanted to go or was supposed to go.  Every step i took on my own initiative was in the wrong direction.  Even the sun seemed to rise in the South and set in the North.  In stores, i wandered about like the guy in the Carl's Jr. commercial; and when i did buy something it was often the wrong thing ( e.g,, Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke -- i didn't notice that one until we got back to Boise and i tried to bring a "coke" to Dianne.)  I had never noticed that the veil of normalcy i wear over my autism was so thin.