May 21st, 2013

Sorry, Your Worship, I Rarely Worship

I was reared in a democracy
with an affinity for anarchy.
All symbols of Royalty
are a bit too much for me;
and that goes double for inequality.

"Sageliness within, Kingliness without."
requires reinterpretation no doubt.
All beings have Buddha nature,
Aces beat kings for sure
They don't have thrones
(that doesn't matter),
nor illumination (which will mature)

Only states require Presidents and Kings,
& policies, armies, and bureaucracies.
Nations need only language, food, fidelity,
Plus humility to let other peoples be
(& mercy, love, and hospitality.)

I do not like the world i see with my two eyes,
so the third eye must be opened within me,
to see what heart must see that head defies,
and bring "God's Will" to my reality.


Dog in kennel, car washed. gassed up, and packed with liquid oxygen and pariphenalia.  Bags nearly packed, lawn mowed.  Meds and toiletries and sundries must be rounded up.  Tomorrow we are off for Idaho Falls.  Daughters and niece have been and gone reporting fun.  Dianne's sister got there today.  We will arrive tomorrow,  Dianne's brother's son will be in from Afghanistan on the thirtieth.  If the cancer doesn't kill him the attention will.