May 3rd, 2013

Update For Friends Who Care

Started a post Wednesday about Tonglen, gave up on it this morning.
It was turning into an ego trip,
and i am in the wrong mood to write about meditation or compassion.

I'm in the down part of what i imagine to be
a semi annual cycle.
I don't mind that, but most people would rather
have me up.

I don't blame them
depression, even well masked by pills,
draws me away from others
and into my little self
where my autism tends to take over.
and my ego presides.

Don't worry, i'll be fine.
This happens, as they say,
when the trees blossom,
or when summer lasts too long.
(I call this "white man summer"
and there will be more of it
as the globe warms;)
and i will adapt.