February 25th, 2013

Francis of Assisi - How Virtue Drives Out Vice

Where there is charity and wisdom
     there is neither fear nor ignorance.
Where there is patience and humility,
     there is neither anger nor disturbance.
Where there is poverty with joy,
     there is neither covetousness nor avarice.
Where there is inner peace and meditation,
     there is neither anxiousness nor dissipation.
Where there is fear of the Lord to guard the house,
     there the enemy cannot gain entry.
Where there is mercy and discernment,
     there is neither excess nor hardness of heart.

Poetry Chaikhana | Francis of Assisi - How Virtue Drives Out Vice

Tao Te Ching Meditation Chapter 48: Words Speak Louder Than Action But Silence Is Louder Still.

48.1 For learning you gain daily;
       for the Way you lose daily.
48.2 Losing and losing,
       thus you reach non-contrivance;
       be uncontrived, and nothing is not done.
       Taking the world is always done
       by not making anything of it.
48.3 For when something is made of it,
       that is not enough to take the world.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation

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