February 13th, 2013

Tao Te Ching Meditation -- Chapter 39: Be Humble, Be Grateful, Stay Humble


39.1 When unity was attained of old, heaven became clear by attaining unity, earth became steady by attaining unity, spirit was quickened by attaining unity,

39.2 valley streams were filled by attaining unity, all beings were born by attaining unity; and by attaining unity lords acted rightly for the sake of the world. What brought this about was unity:

39.3 without means of clarity, heaven may burst; without means of steadiness, earth may erupt; without mens of quickening, spirit may be exhausted; without means of filling,

39.4 valley streams may dry up; without means of birth, all beings may perish; without means of acting rightly, lords may stumble.

39.5 Therefore nobility is rooted in humility, loftiness is based on lowliness.

39.6 Thais is why noble people refer to themselves as alone, lacking, and unworthy. Is this not being rooted in humility? .

39.7 So there is no praise in repeated praise;

39.8 they don't want to be like jewels or like stones.

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