January 27th, 2013

Tao Te Ching Meditation -- Chapter 24: Simply Simple


24.1 Those on tiptoe don't stand up
       those who take long strides don't walk;
24.2 those who see themselves are not perceptive,*
      those who assert themselves are not illustrious;
24.3 those who glorify themselves have no merit,
       those who are proud of themselves do not last.
24.4 On the Way, these are called overconsumption and excess activity.
       Some people disdain them,
       so those with the Way abstain.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation nbsp;

* Line 24.2a has also been interpreted as follows:
"He who makes a show is not enlightened," (Gai-fu Feng and Jane English)
"He who tries to shine/ dims his own light." (Stephen Mitchell)Collapse )

A Serious Proposal For Increasing The Percentage Of Women In Corporate Leadership Positions.

1. Fire 75,69 percent of males in corporate leadership positions.  Focus on those with the highest compensation packages.

2. Do not fill these empty positions.  This will accomplish two important things.  It will make the sex ratio in board rooms approximately 100; and it will reduce the number of executive positions by over sixty percent.

3. Convert the empty offices into children's playrooms and give the unused executive packages to the poor.

4. Argue that corporations, even though their executive positions have been reduced, are still too top heavy, bureaucratic and bloated and seek further reductions in leadership positions.

5.  Reassess the meaning of "leader" and "leadership" in the context of real human needs, social and spiritual as well as economic.

6. Treat business and government alike in at least one respect.People should constantly harp on the fact that business corporations are inefficient, unproductive and much too much of a burden on the resources of society and its citizens.