January 16th, 2013

Tao Te Ching Meditation -- Chapter 13 True Non-Attachment.


13.1 Favor and disgrace seem alarming; high status greatly afflicts your person.
13.2 What are favor and disgrace? Favor is the lower: get it and you're surprised, lose it and you're startled. This means favor and disgrace are alarming.
13.3 Why does high status greatly afflict your person? The reason we have a lot of trouble is that we have selves. If we had no selves what troubles would we have?
13.4 Therefore those who embody nobility to act for the sake of the world seem to be able to draw the world to them, while those who embody love to act for the sake of the world seem to be worthy of the trust of the world.

Tao Teh Ching - Cleary Translation

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Wise Advice from Elana's Blog. zen_reading1301

"Bring to rest the thoughts of the ceaselessly seeking mind, and you'll not differ from the Patriarch-Buddha. Do you want to know the Buddha? He is none other than you who stand before me listening to my discourse. Since you students lack faith in yourselves, you run around seeking something outside. Even if through seeking you find something, that something will be nothing more than elaborate descriptions in written words; in the end you will fail to gain the mind of the Living Patriarch.    -- Lin-chi (9th century a.d.)