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December 19th, 2012

Spiritual Direction

Choosing a Director
In a direction relationship, it is important for there to be a mutual sense that the potential for open, honest, clear communication is present and that there is a reverence for the unique way God is working in the individuals involved. Coupled with this is a mutual dependence upon the Spirit at work in the relationship. Human specifics of age, sex, denomination and so forth, may assume more importance at one time in a person's life than at another. Basically, however, it is only necessary that the two persons experience the kind of "fitness" that allows them to be free for their common purpose together without undue attention to their relationship. After an initial appointment to get acquainted and if it seems right to continue, it is helpful to set up three meetings and then evaluate how things are going. Following that, periodic evaluations are encouraged so that what was begun as a right thing does not continue past its time.
Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

If Not Direction, then What?
Spiritual direction is not appropriate for every person. While you may feel the nudge of something needing attention around human / spiritual growth, direction may not be what is called for now. Or something in addition to direction may be called for. You might test out your need through the following questions and suggestions ...


4) Are there specific problem areas of my life or troubling emotions siphoning off energy? Serious blockage issues that I want to talk about with another in hopes that I can find some ways of overcoming the difficulties?
Counseling or therapy
12 Step Groups

5) Do I feel the need for a "spiritual friend" with whom I can have an informal mutual relationship of prayer, sharing and support for one another in our spiritual journeys?
Looking at the groups you are in and take the risk of asking someone to whom you feel drawn and feel you can trust.

Spiritual Direction
7. Supremely, spiritual directors/mentors/pastors are persons who have a sense of being "established" in God. Otherwise they are too dangerous to be allowed into the soul space of others.
What Is Spiritual Direction? | Christianity Today

FAQs -- Henri Nouwen Society

FAQs  Spiritual direction by phone.  $50 per hour???  (What would i charge?  What would i pay?)



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