December 13th, 2012

Bob and N. W.

I spoike briefly with Bob W's spouse, N, yesterday.  Her voice was strong, happy, clear and enthusiastic which, given her honesty, tells me how she is.  She has given up her home to a daughter and family and now lives in a rented trailer near the Rough River, about 200 miles from everything.  She is busy painting and sculpting and has at least one commission to work on.  (One of her sculpures is a treasured possession of the Dahlai Lama.)  We did not speak directly about spiritual things, and in retrospect, i wish we had.  But it was so good to talk to her and absorb a little of her inner beauty and strength.

Bob's body remains in the nursing home where the Nuns take very good care of it.  His mind is gone and his spirit is soaring.   I asked if he is ever able to go to Gethsemani and N said Oh, no!  She cannot even take him off the grounds for a walk.  Only his three brothers, working in concert, can manage to get him into downtown Hazard for an outing.  Except for the Nuns, all people are complete stranges, including his family and many friends.  N visits him regularly and cheerfully. and she accepts everything that happens with simple good will.

I am coming to thaink that spirituality does not so much give us strength in the face of adversity as it allows us to redefine adversity as something else.

Now that i have N's phone number i will stay in contact