November 28th, 2012


Boise is considering a city ordinance that will protect civil rights and liberties of "gay, Lesbian, transgendered,  and bisexual" person.  My friend is an open-minded and tender-hearted person who believes in civil rights for "everyone."  But she wants to know why "bisexuals" are included in the category of people who need protection.  The only answer i could give her was "because the other three groups, homosexuals, Lesbians, and transgendered persons, wanted them included"    I figure that if the homosexual community wants to include bisexuals that is none of my business; yet i sort of agree with my friend that the issue of "bisexuality" is not the same as the issues of homosexuality or gender identity, being more "morally tinged." I know that my friend would be more supportive of GLT protections than GLTB protections, and part of me agrees with her.  But i feel like the old racists who wanted to extend rights to "deserving" minorities -- stupid and wrong.