September 28th, 2012

Whatever It Was

by Devara Dasimayya

English version by A. K. Ramanujan
Original Language Kannada

Whatever It was

that made this earth
the base,
the world its life,
the wind its pillar,
arranged the lotus and the moon,
and covered it all with folds
of sky

with Itself inside,

to that Mystery
indifferent to differences,

to It I pray,
O Ramanatha.

-- from Speaking of Siva, by A K Ramanujan

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Five beliefs that are causing society to crumble

Five beliefs that are causing society to crumble
Friday, September 28, 2012 by: Mike Bundrant

1. If you are right, I must be wrong (or if you are good, I must be bad, etc...)

2. If you have more, there is less for me.

its true that many material resources are finite, but the most important resources are infinite. Love, joy, fulfillment, happiness and other inner resources are the foundation of healthy, peaceful living. These states are always available to people that learn to tap them. There is no shortage - anyone can have as much as they want!

When life's infinite resources are in place, the finite ones tend to take care of themselves. Two happy, peaceful, inwardly fulfilled people tend to work out how to divide a pizza! Better yet, infinite resources expand when you share them.

3. I need it now.

4. The only reality is physical.

When reality expands to include the invisible, the world changes dramatically. Of course, some of the invisible is taken for granted, such as the future. Most of us count on the future being there, period. If we were to believe even for a moment that the future is NOT there, panic would immediately take hold of us. In fact, people in the midst of full-blown panic attacks report a total future blowout. During the episode of panic, the future vanishes - a blackout.

The intangible, invisible world within and around us is powerful. We unconsciously take it for granted and when it vanishes, we are left powerless. We could make a case to suggest that intangibles are the most important aspect of our lives. Love, respect, cooperation, peace, the future, the past, a spiritual force or God, knowledge, wisdom and spirit should be foundational for everyone.

5. I live in a bubble.

Most of us recognize that we are physically separate from other people. It is therefore natural to assume we are also spiritually or psychologically separate. Nothing could be further from the truth.

After we are born, the formation of our beliefs and identity, as well as the fundamental skills of developing language and making meaning, all come as a result of the intervention of others. We cannot separate ourselves from others in that way. Who we are is inseparable from the interactions we have with other people. We carry their messages with us minute by minute.

Believing in psychological separateness leads you to feel that your actions do not really affect other people (Conveniently, you may still claim that their less than thoughtful actions affect you). This is a delusion.

At another level, this belief causes us to see each others as less than human. If others are separate creatures "over there" (as opposed to people like me that I am connected to) then it is easy to justify all manner of wrongdoing in the name of some purpose that is real to me (that "they" just don't get).

(From NaturalNews. a source i generally avoid like the plague.)