September 23rd, 2012

I Should Vote Green or Justice, But i Will Vote Democratic

I took this poll at www.iSideWith,com on immigration, environment, foreign and domestic policy, health, and science issues.
I agreed most with Jill Stein (Green Party 87%), Rocky Anderson (Justice Party 71%), and Barach Obama (64%).
I agree 88% with the Green Party, 86% with the Democratic Party, 24% with the Libertarian Party, and 1% with the Republican Party.

I am also in 44% agreement with the American voters, which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise.

But nobody comes even close to representing my beliefs about immigration!

Because of the electoral college system, i will waste my presidential vote no matter who i vote for, so i should probably vote for Jill Stein (who i have never heard of before today), but i will probably vote for Obama, because Mitt and the Republicans (since they are conscious about debts and money) need to learn some basic math.  If 47% of people are going to vote for your major opponent "no matter what," then you can't afford to lose even seven percent of that other 53%.  I and millions of other tax-paying voters will offer that lesson by voting for Obama in November.

(Edit) The elite should test their theory about how important they are and how much money they are worth Ayn Rand style, by withholding their "services" from us useless. whining, nonproductive, ordinary people and letting us stew in our juices for awhile before riding to our rescue and returning to their multi million dollar salaries and multi-million dollar fringe benefits.  I wonder which would have more effect, a general strike of the 1% (or 6%) or a general strike of the 99% (or 94%)?  I have long believed that if the servants quit serving, the "movers and shakers" would be moving and shaking in quite different ways.