August 29th, 2012

Arthur Osborne – Arunachala. A Poem With Commentary.

"...(W)hen Arthur Osborne addresses this poem to Arunachala, he is addressing the mountain, the guru, and the God."

"...There is something lost, I think, in Western forms of religion that tend to divide the divine from the land. In many cases, to address God in a mountain or a lake or a tree is considered blasphemous. Then add to that the modern worldview which further objectifies the land, defining it as inert matter, a possession, a subjugated source of wealth and resources.

Imagine how profoundly our lives — and our spirituality — can open up when we relate to the Divine, not just in a safely distant, hard-to-imagine heavenly otherworld, but also right here, in front of us, below us, all around us, materially. God in the air we breathe, God in the stream running along the edge of town, God in the solid ground beneath our feet.

In this way, all the world becomes sacred space, alive, inviting communion with every touch. We are no longer alien creatures in a sterile world. We are embraced by the immensity of life on all levels...."  -- Ivan M. Granger

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