August 5th, 2012

Nice Trip

We traveled out of town, not far, but away from the house, from the routine, for four days and three nights.  So many things can spoil a trip for me.  None did.  Visiting with Dianne's favorite nephew, S and his girlf friend P was enjoyable   My favorite Black Jack tables were closed but the slots were not unfriendly and we walked away with what we came with minus the cost of motel, gas, and boarding the dog.  P had never gambled before and walked away with a $686.00 jackpot plus some other good scores.  I am afraid we have created another gambler.  My protestant guilt still tells me that is is terrible way to waste money, but as long as Dianne is there and having fun, i am cool with it.  I can handle the guilt and also the monetary losses that usually accompany it.  But that was not the case this time.  We did well enough to come out even.  Dianne slept well in the strange and unaccommodating hotel beds and had no problem with arthritis or other serious aches or pains.  The drive both ways was pleasant.  "A good time was had by all."