July 23rd, 2012

Daily Tao - 72

When you show no fear at all,
the universe gives you something
to really be afraid of.

Don't try to fence people in
or grind them down.
Just let them be,
and they'll always be on your side.

The Masters know themselves,
but they don't reveal themselves.
They love themselves,
but they know
what their lives are worth.
They let go of all that
to concentrate on this.

The Beatrice Tao.
Daily Tao - 72

An Autist Reads About An Autist

"It was the most honest meditation I have ever done."

'I didn't think I was going to die,' man with autism says of 3-week ordeal in desert | Deseret News

he young man who spent three to five weeks in the desert because he had to, probably was in real danger and probably did many things that violated common sense.  We autists tend to do that.  That doesn't mean that we don't understand danger or that we don't make the choices we make for a reason.  The young man knew what he was doing and why he was doing it and his assessment of the experience is at least as valid as that of the people commenting on it,  It was a spiritual quest -- and evidently a quite successful one.  I hope no one tries to stop him from doing it again if he so chooses.

Hakim Sanai – There is no place for place!

There is no place for place!
by Hakim Sanai

English version by Ivan M. Granger

There is no place for place!
How can a place
house the maker of all space,
or the vast sky enclose
      the maker of heaven?

He told me:
“I am a homeless treasure.
The world was made
to give you a place to stand
      and see me.”

Tell me, if the one you seek
is placeless,
why put your shoes on?
The real road
is found by polishing, polishing
      the mirror of your heart.

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