July 16th, 2012

Daily Tao - 65

In ancient times,
leaders who were right with Tao
didn't teach everybody
how to become enlightened.
They kept people's lives simple.

People who know too much
can't be taught anything.
Leaders who try to be clever
always screw things up.
Leaders who keep things simple
always make things right.

If you get that,
you'll understand
the mysterious power of Tao.

That kind of power is so deep,
so extensive,
it penetrates into every level of existence.
The Beatrice Tao.

Daily Tao - 65

(no subject)

I attended the funeral service today of my friend, Jim.
He was one of ten of us who met to study and meditate
and reflect the presence of the Catholic Worker movement in our town.
We are down to five, now
Two of us have moved away
and three have died.
I feel the loss quantitatively as much as qualitatively.
Just like a good poker gamel
it takes a certain number of people (about 5)
to have a good discussion
Poker games max out at about seven
Good discussions can involve up to a dozen people
But the minimum is not many fewer than five
Four is risky.  What if one doesn't show.
If there are three, one may be a listener, reluctant to speak.
Then there are two.  But what if they agree?
One might as well be talking to himself.
I never felt i was talking to myself when Jim was around.