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July 12th, 2012

Daily Tao - 61

Power flows down
to every level of existence
like a river to the ocean.

Victory comes
from lying perfectly still
and waiting for power
to come your way.

If you yield to someone
less powerful than yourself,
you will be in a position
to influence them.

If you submit to someone
more powerful than yourself,
you create an opportunity
to get your own way.

So if you want to get ahead,
lay low and bide your time.
That way, everybody's happy.

The Beatrice Tao.

Daily Tao - 61
Rainclouds press the sea's
horizon, moist fingerprints
on the curtain of dawn.

To the west,
hunched shoulders of mountains
barely visible through
the cloak of gathered mist.

This could be a day
given to darkness and the ghosts
of regret stalking time
across this shadowed landscape.
We could

look and only believe
in the light of a sun
groping towards uncertain
revelation. Or we
could surrender to
unknowing, and in that know
only our innocence. We could

have eyes for the shimmer
of grace on the matted grey
of a murmuring sea,
watching as this sun

lifts now into
an eternity of sky.

Poetry Chaikhana | Andrew Colliver - A Day of Light

Et-Tell (Bethsaida): A Study of the First Century CE in the Galilee - Carl E. Savage - Google Books

Helenistic and Jewish aspects of Galilee -- a creative mix?  Possible good read?
Archaeological evidence of Jewish Life Before the Revolt in Andrea Berlin's article concludes that  there was a uniform practice of household Judaism throughout Palestine in the first century, broken only by Qumran (extreme simplicity) and the wealthy elite in Jerusalem (luxury and Roman affectations).  I did not read this carefully and must get back to it. Potentially good read.

Knowledge is naught
for lack of a pot.

The few sample pages are intriguing and provide some information.  The Decopolis was diverse including Greeks, Itureans, Syro-phoenicians, and Jews; while Galilee was "entirely" Jewish.  Q in Galilean context.

Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: A Re-Examination of the Evidence - Jonathan L. Reed - Google Books



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