July 9th, 2012

Daily Tao - 58

When a nation is ruled
with a light touch,
people lead simple lives.
When a government
is harsh and demanding,
people will spend their time
trying to outsmart it.

Happiness is rooted in misery,
and misery lurks beneath all joy.
Who knows what could happen tomorrow?

Everything is relative;
what's considered proper today
may become improper.
Correct appearances
may hide dishonesty and sinfulness.

No wonder so many people get confused.

The Masters have sharp minds,
not sharp tongues.
They are austere,
but never judgmental.
They are straightforward,
but not provocative.
They are brilliant,
but not flashy.

The Beatrice Tao.

Daily Tao - 58

riticism is not judgment.
But i should call my shots kindly,
only when necessary,
only when truthful,
only when it might do some good,
only when it won't do harm.


Friday was Dianne's birthday.  Very pleasant day, expensive (for us) dinner.

Temperatures are over F (nine letter word) 100, but we are comfortable as long as we stay in between ten am and sundown
We get up late and get tired early so our going out time is cut pretty short.  We need to organize our lives.  Retirement provides no structure, and structurelessness  is only fun for a week or so (or five years or so with autism)

I posted something to my private journal and seven people read it!  It was no big deal, just something controversial and perhaps unkind that i wasn't quite sure i wanted to share with the world.  My ducks were not in a row, my logic far less than flawless, that sort of thing.  But i'm curious.  Who has access to my private journal?  150 people, by my reckoning, were denied access to it.

I am grossly negligent about prayer and meditation.  My meditation group has recessed for the summer so i am really on my own.  (Dianne and i do not interrupt each other's spiritual lives, though i guess i could ask her for support, which she would be happy to give.  But i am so especially private in that regard -- we will see.)

I read The Jewish Policemen's Association (mini-apocalypse) and a review of The Last Policeman (apocalypse); and i am a great fan of The Name of the Rose (local apocalypse), so now i want to read a novel where the heroine is a first century Galilean follower of Jesus (not a Christian) who must solve a crime while living by the sermon on the mount as the Roman War looms in the near distance.  The writer should know what there is to know about Roman Galilee, be sensitive to Jewish, Christian and Pagan traditions of the time, and have a great imagination.