June 18th, 2012

Daily Tao - 37

Tao never does anything
but nothing is left undone.

If our leaders
could get in touch with Tao,
the world would take care of itself.
Even if they wanted
to impose their own ideas,
they'd be drawn back to Tao's
nameless simplicity.

When our lives are that simple,
we want for nothing.
We can relax,
and the world becomes a better place.

The Beatrice Tao.

Daily Tao - 37

Questions to a Potential Illegal Emigrant from Mexico to the United States

Would you rather earn Seven Dollars per Hour instead of Seven Dollars per Day?
Would you prefer 20,000 dollars per year to 2,000?  $80,000 to $8,000?
Would you like to feed and clothe and house your family better?
Would you break a law to do this and risk the penalties involved
(including some penalties that are not legal)?
What about a law that you had no say in creating and no possible say in changing?

Oh, i'm sorry, you are Guatemalan?.
Would you rather earn $7 per hour or $3.50 per day?
Would you prefer $20,000 to $1000?  $80,000 to $4000?

Poetry Chaikhana | Dorothy Walters - Taken

Dorothy Walters has seventeen poems on Poetry Chaikhana, most of which really grab me -- especially these:
Hymn to the Nameless One
Locating the Invisible
More From the Tao
Preparing to Meet the Goddess

and this one:

by Dorothy Walters

First, you must let your heart
be broken open
in a way you have never
felt before,
cannot imagine.

You will
not know if what you are
is anguish or joy,
something predestined
or merely old wounds
flowing once more,
reminders of all that is
unfinished in your life.

Something will flood into
your chest
like air sweetened by
desert honeysuckle,
love that is too

You will stand there,
very still,
not seeing what this is.
Later, you will not remember
any of this
until the next time
when you will say,
yes, yes, I have known this before,
it has come again,
just as your eyes fold under
once more.

Poetry Chaikhana | Dorothy Walters - Taken