May 27th, 2012

Daily Tao - 15

The ancient Masters
were damn impressive.
They were deep. Real deep.
Words can't even begin to describe
how deep they were.
You can only talk
about how they acted.

They were careful,
like a man walking on thin ice.
They were cautious,
like a soldier behind enemy lines.
They were polite,
like a guest at a party.
They moved quickly, like melting ice.
They were as plain as a block of wood.
Their minds were as wide as a valley,
and their hearts as clear
as spring water.

Can you wait
for that kind of openness and clarity
before you try to understand the world?

Can you hold still
until events have unfolded
before you do the right thing?

When you act without expectations,
you can accomplish great things.

The Beatrice Tao.

Daily Tao - 15


Our fifty-first wedding anniversary is today.
No big deal, no fuss, no exchange of gifts,
a few sweet nothings
a few shared memories
Dinner brought in from Sonic.
I said i was glad we were together
she agreed.
Are we getting old?

Another Dream

Many of the dreams i have had over the last twenty years have featured colleges
Most of these colleges are in the "mid-west" and i think all  are fictional
None have graduate programs, so why am i there as a student?

I realized only this morning that all the architecture at these colleges
was designed by a manic Escher
Stairs going up take me down.
Doors open into nowhere
There is never a "restroom" where one needs one,
and it is impossible to find a specific classroom,
or the registrar's office.

I also realized only this morning that i am sixty-eight in these dreams,
not a younger person as i had thought.
I am far away from spouse and children,
pursuing a degree i don't need.
and doing much worse than i did in real life
sixty years ago.

Sometimes in these dreams i attend a full semester
last right i realized my mistake the second day,
but i could not find the registrar's office.
Perhaps because i went to bed with the thought of peace in my head,
i did not have the frantic panic that always accompany such dreams.
I was a "disinterested observer" watching the actions of myself and others,