May 5th, 2012

John Fox - When Jewels Sing

Radiance results from earth s pressure,
life working on us with each moment's precision
into clear cut uniqueness.

A community of precious human beings
with origins primitive and wild as diamonds,
faceted by skilled and invisible hands that turn us
upon a wheel dusted with God s bright dark silence,
we become men and women joined to walk
swarthy, holy, original and transparent.

Catching first light of day upon ourselves,
our voices sing of truth and loveliness,
in response to vows first sung to us by stars.

Poetry Chaikhana | John Fox - When Jewels Sing

Hakim Sanai - Naked in the Bee-House (Fragment)

The road you must take has no particular name.
It's the one composed of your own sighing
and giving up. What you've been doing
is not devotion. Your hoping and worrying
are like donkeys wandering loose,
sometimes docile, or suddenly mean.

Your face looks wise at times,
and ashamed at others.

Poetry Chaikhana | Hakim Sanai - Naked in the Bee-House