March 25th, 2012

Galapagos: A Novel - (A Belated Review)

Since age 25, i have read very little writing which was intended to be taken as fiction.  The demands of keeping up with my teaching field made it difficult -at first timewise and later emotionally- to take time for pleasurable reading.  I made an exception for a certain type of mystery novel where the "crime" occurs in an American Indian cultural context and the major character in the story is a shaman.  There was a crime to be solved and modern investigative techniques and reason were used (sometimes) to solve it; but there was always a deeper mystery in the background and the crimes and their solutions were never the major elements of the story.  Tony Hillerman, James D. Doss, Margaret Coel, Mardi Medawar, and a few others were the only fiction writers i would read.  
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But rather than lose my mind entirely, i would prefer to be able to tame it through meditation, to keep it around for emergencies like a vital but rarely used tool.  But things will go as they will go.