March 22nd, 2012

Feminists Were Right: God IS Female.

I caught my self yesterday referring to the divine essence as "He/She/It -- a formula with which i am becoming more and more unhappy.  Of course God is neither He, She, or It.  Of course God is He, She, and It.  Of Course the Ground of Being is neither Being nor Non-Being; of course, the Ground of Being is both being and non-being.

It then occurred to me that i am using a Trinitarian formula:  God in Three Persons, Feminine, Masculine, and Neuter.  Lets say that YHWH (No wait, the God of Israel is One God)...lets say that the Divine is a trinity.  This God would of course - if you believe the 17th century English* -- be English, and would use English grammar:   Nouns  in English are masculine, feminine, and neuter.  So we have Jesus (Christ), obviously male. the Holy Spirit, could be the "it." and God, who is .....Well, what's left?  By a process of elimination, God must be Our Mother.

This raises the question of what to do with Mary who has held the position of "Our Mother" since around 431 a.d.  Since she is also the "Mother of God,"  she is our Grand Mother (You have to come from an incestuous relationship like mine to understand the full ramifications of this fact.)

*Of course, God is not English;  She/He/It is both English and not English; neither English nor non-English