March 21st, 2012

Jiddu Krishnamurti – I Am All

I Am All
by Jiddu Krishnamurti

I am the blue firmament and the black cloud,
I am the waterfall and the sound thereof,
I am the graven image and the stone by the wayside,
I am the rose and the falling petals thereof,
I am the flower of the field and the sacred lotus,
I am the sanctified waters and the still pool,
I am the tree that towereth among the mountains
And the blade of grass in the peaceful lane,
I am the tender spring leaf and the evergreen foliage.

I am the barbarian and the sage,
I am the impious and the pious,
I am the ungodly and the godly,
I am the harlot and the virgin,
I am the liberated and the man of time,
I am the the indestructible and the destructible,
I am the renunciation and the proud possessor.
I am all
few know me.

I am neither This nor That,
I am neither detached nor attached,
I am neither heaven nor hell — few know me –
I am neither philosophies nor creeds,
I am neither the Guru nor the disciple.
O friend,
I contain all.

I am clear as the mountain stream,
Simple as the new spring leaf.

Happy are they
That meet with me.

— from From Darkness to Light: Poems and Parables, by J. Krishnamurti

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aving recently included reference to Call Me By My True Names in a post, i was highly sensitized to this poem when i saw it this morning.  "Happy are they That meet with me"  so much reminds me of words attributed to Jesus: "Come unto me all who are heavily laden, and I will give you rest."  The idea is not far fetched for Krishnamurti means "Krishna's image," and aren't we all supposed to be the "image of God." welcoming, in Her/him/its place all who have burdens.

But Krishnamurti's poem is not explicitly about compassion, it is a simple statement of non-dualist fact.  God is everything (which is also nothing), i am everything, you are everything, i am you.  Why would i not welcome you.

My brother is coming to see me this afternoon.  He is the only one of my three brothers still alive.  I haven't seen him in, oh, maybe ten or more years.  Instead of being overjoyed at his pending arrival, i have been a little bit on edge.  A part of me wishes he had decided to drive on through,  This feeling is hard to explain, impossible to explain (maybe autism is involved).  My brother,C1 is a wonderful man, fun to be around; so is his spouse, C2.  My hesitation to have them as guests has do more with me not being okay with myself, than with any thing about them. I am determined to enjoy their visit!!

Brother Come, Brother Go

My "little" brother (eight + inches taller, 6 - years younger than i) parked his RV at the local KOA and i went to pick him up at @ 6 pee emm.  We talked and ate until about ten, then Dianne and i drove him and C2 back to the RV park and admired their toy poodle.  A good time was had by all -- really.  We went to our favorite local restaurant and C paid the bill.  Why i looked ahead to his impending with such foreboding, i cannot say.  A so so day ended very pleasantly,