March 17th, 2012

Post. Modern

Reading Baudrillard carelessly
Here's what i see him say:
Reality must not be
Illusion defies reality,
Illusion's a necessity.

The world's illusion won't suit me.
My private ones are what i see.
They're all about equality
Freedom's no excuse for liberty.
and i will sit and watch a tree.

Freedom of Speech >< 3. Language and Speech

Much of what grabs me is implicitly revolutionary.  Of course, few really want revolution, especially those who throw the word around.  In a true revolution, almost nobody would want to buy whatever it is the revolutionaries think it is they are selling.  Only those so distressed by existing reality that they would risk their lives rather than endure it or watch others endure it can be trusted to be revolutionary.  Revolutionary ideas must be tamed and have the potential to change reality sucked out of them before they can be shared with any fairly large number of people.  
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We are told by mystics to be silent, and a big reason for being silent is to listen.  But what are we listening for?  We are told not to expect worlds; in fact, it is best to have no expectations at all.  The universe may not speak to us in a language that we can understand.  Perhaps it will help to change our understanding of understanding.  If the silence holds the mystery and is able to communicate it to you, you will not be able to share it with me except in the most clumsy, imprecise, untruthful way that leaves us both frustrated;