March 16th, 2012

Down Time

I shut my computer down this week to let my grandson work on it.  The printer had stopped printing, The drives acted old, overworked, and a little senile.  it would forget what it is doing and, then, a few minutes later, seem to remember.  N, (grandson) tore it apart and put it back together more logically; which is good, but unfortunately means it acts like a different computer, restoring many of  my technophobic anxieties.  At least (after some uncertainty about username and password) i have livejournal back.

My friends page now has about fifty unread entries and some of my my friends are going though stuff they shouldn't have to while a couple are enjoying success.  Those needing encouragement seem to be buffered by loyal friends and i will simply add my amen to those comments.  Others might think they have launched their messages into a cybervoid, and i will respond after reading where a response seems called for.

Lent is almost over and it has been a total bust so far as discipline is concerned, twenty-five days in i have dallied on my spiritual "journey,"  preferring the lesser fantasies of an autist's "inner" life.  Dianne is successfully fighting off an infection.  Other than that, things are going along as usual.