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March 8th, 2012

"...So when somebody else asks for your help, in the form of charity or taxes, or because they need you to help them move a refrigerator, you can cite all sorts of reasons for not helping ("I think you're lying about needing help" or "I don't care" or "I'm too tied up with my own problems"), but the one thing you can't say is, "Why should you need help? I've never gotten help!" Not unless you're either shamefully oblivious, or a lying asshole..." -- David Wong

6 Things Rich People Need to Stop Saying | Cracked.com

Much thanks to sabrinamari for sharing this!

Freedom of Speech >< 1. Right Speech

In Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life, Chapter 8 (step eight) is "How should we Speak to One Another?"  We will probably get around to talking about this chapter in September, and i think it will be one of our most valuable discussions, my favorite topic, and one to which i feel i have something to contribute.  The only book i ever almost wrote (two drafts and one rejection notice) would have been subtitled: the Role of Language in Perpetuating Violence.  Considering how much a part of being human the ability to speak (write, or sign) is, the social sciences give it far too little attention. 
Language probably explains why we have more stuff than we did 130,000 years ago and other apes (presumably) don't,,,...Collapse )

1)  Speak the truth, tell no lies, use no guile, avoid ego and hidden agendas.

2)  Use words to help, not harm.

3) Don't gossip or tell tales.

4) Avoid harsh, abusive language; speak kindly.

5) Speak from your heart.

6) If your tradition makes room for them, make sacred sounds: prayers, chants, mantras, songs, poems, etc.

7) Remain silent whenever possible.



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