March 5th, 2012

Ivan M. Granger: Adi Atman 9: you you

Adi Atman,

I am a fool

I place a picture
before me
and say
-- you you

hosanna hari hari bol!

daybreak and I whisper
to the sun
-- you

full moon night
and I cry out
-- you

summer downpour
the thunder crash
shouts for me
-- YOU

drunk from too much
I sputter
-- you you you

shambo shankara!

I am a grasping fool
I say -- you --

and you are gone

when I remember to shut up
then you are here

and I am gone

Ivan M. Granger

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Poems of Awakening: An International Anthology of Spiritual Poetry, Edited by Betsy Small

<Ivan M. Granger: Adi Atman 9: you you

Ivan Granger is owner and maintainer of poetry-chaikhana,com, which has gathered together much of the spiritual poetry that i have found inspirational over the past three years.  His commentaries have deepened my appreciation of many of the poems i love  This poem, being his own work, has no commentary, nor does it need one.