February 18th, 2012

With "Decent Respect For The Opinions Of Mankind..."

Mitt Romney says that corporations are people.*
Time Magazine says Companies are the New Countries.**
So if people = corporations = countries, then, to paraphrase Romney:
People are countries too.

I've thought of declaring myself a sovereign state.
I've rarely felt at home here.
Public officials never address issues that have importance for me
(Taxation Without Representation! is revolting to the point of revolt.)
Oh, the tyrants wear velvet gloves and they have never struck me,
but i'm no fool.  I know what's going on.
(People almost as dangerous as the politicians are willing to tell me
if i will spend fifty dollars for their books
In fact some even encourage my sovereignty.)

My ensign will be the white flag of surrender
and my currency the widow's pence
My borders will be protected
by a force field of love and acceptance.
My national tree is a wild apple
and my anthem the latest hit i've liked.
(Hey, my favorite hit has been around longer than most national anthems)

I will issue myself a passport
and seven billion visas.
I don't know how i will accommodate you all;
but the foreign country that surrounds mine
is full of empty spaces and foreclosed mortgages,
and almost 80 percent of my neighbors claim to be Christians,
so i'm sure it will be all right if you stay with them.

Like my sister state, Bhutan,
i will have a GDH*** index instead of a GDP
I will have a full belly and an empty mind
and i will practice absolute uselessness.
Of course, i can only do what is possible

For i must share my territory with another
sovereign entity, Dianne.
So some arrivals and departures will have to be negotiated.

But this land is made for you and me.

* My lawyer friend tells me that documented corporations have more legal rights then undocumented human beings.  Corporations are "legal persons" under U.S. law.

** I wish i could remember the name of the author of the February 13th Time column, but her reasoning is one i have been familiar with for years.  Corporate power and wealth rival national treasuries in all but the very wealthiest countries.  International corporations trade in multiple currencies so the value any specific currency and the economic health of any specific country is irrelevant.  Laws are more likely to be written in tems of corporate interests than in terms of public interests, etc., etc.

*** Gross Domestic Happiness

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