February 12th, 2012

When Tom Met Sally II

Long ago, before Europeans were "European"
We had a word for "love."
We used the same word to denote "free"
for those who were "beloved" were supposed to be "emancipated"
and those we emancipated we considered our "equals"
so we could "love" them.

When i am told to "love my neighbor as myself"
and then told my neighbors are not limited to those who live next door,
i know that the wise are telling me
that every human being is my "neighbor"
that every human being is my equal, and
that every human being should have my love.

Did Tom love Sally?
Did he love her as an equal,
did he love her as a brother,
did he love her as a neighbor,
Did he love her as God loves her?
Did he love her as he loved himself?

Did Sally love Tom?
Did she love him as an equal,
did she love him as a sister,
did she love him as God loves him?.
Did she love him as herself?

Who can say?  it was a Brave New World
that had such wonders in it.
and its none of my business.
My business is to love
as Sally and Tom should have loved.

Nosebleed Log

After waking from a sound sleep in the recliner at about 8pm.  My nose began to bleed.  I took steps and it stopped in less than ten minutes.  I had not been following precautionary procedures (i.e. keeping nostrils moist) very well today,

I had a very minor bleed (stopped without effort) about a week ago which i forgot to record. (about Feb. 8th)

Procedures now include rolling up a 5" X 3" terry cloth rag and stuffing it under my upper lip.  I guess keeping a stiff upper lip does help.

Tao's Te

The virtuous way is a way to act
without contriving effort,
yet, without contriving it overcomes.
It seldom speaks, and never asks,
but is answered without a question.
It is supplied with all its needs
and is constantly at ease
because it follows its own plan
which cannot be understood by man.

From the Tao Te Ching, Chapter 73
Taoism - Stan Rosenthal's Tao Te Ching - Translation