January 5th, 2012

Writer's Block: Occupied

Have you participated in Occupy Wall Street? Why or why not?
No i have not. I am old, lazy, have other commitments, and Wall Street is about 2500 miles away. I also have a personal aversion to crowds and confrontations, both of which draw my autism to the surface. But i really wish i could help in some way. Politics ain't going to do it. The Republicans, in the name of "freedom" are going to turn the U.S. into a fascist state, and the Democrats are only pretending to try to stop them. Both want money and power and the rich can give it to them and the poor can't. "Enterpreneurship" wont do any good because what we need has no price and no market, and if there was a price and market, the poor would be unable to afford it. Making a fuss, creating chaos, seems like the only chance people have to get anything important done -- IMPPO. We will either straighten things out or will all go to hell together, which in my opinion is better than going in separate cars.

A Death in the "Family"

Tonight we went to an adoration of the host, the first time i have ever done such a thing.  Dianne, i am sure, would have liked to do this on many occasions but has been unwilling to ask me to take her.  Today she asked, and i, of course said yes.  If for no other reason, i would have done it because she needed the four+ walls of a Catholic Church around her while she grieved and prayed.

This morning, one of our youngest daughter's exes was found dead on the bathroom floor of his home.  He was the father of our youngest granddaughter and was the stepfather of our other granddaughter during eight formative years of her life.  Dianne loved him like she loves all people and she also liked him.  He knew this and there was, i think, a bond between them stronger than the bond he had with other people.

He came up hard, experiencing things no human being should have to experience.  His mother died when he was two, and shortly after after his father remarried, his younger sister, his only sibling, also died.  He was given no explanation whatsoever and he always believed that his stepmother murdered her.  He was only four when his father abandoned him and he was sent here to be Boise to be raised by his alcoholic grandmother.  She did not volunteer to raise him; he was just dumped on her doorstep.  She resented that and did nothing to hide her resentment. He basically raised himself.   He married my daughter shortly after she divorced her first husband.  I remember celebrating the little girl's second birthday at the apartment they shared.  The marriage went off the tracks right away although they stayed together 8 years and had a child.  Later he married a younger woman (a very expensive wedding).  She divorced him and then married him again (another very expensive wedding).  He wanted to live like a rich person, but he was always poor.  He was a very unhappy person, and between alcoholism and bi-polar disorder he managed to screw up his many opportunities for success (he was a technological wizard).  He died at age 43 of an apparent heart attack.

Last i heard his daughter had not been told of his death.  We will be concerned until we learn how she takes it.
Dianne has prayed for the repose of his soul and i will do so also.