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January 2nd, 2012

Twelvth Day of Nonsense

On the twelfth day of business, my broker sent to me
twelve slumlords slumming,
eleven gripers griping.
ten Fords a beeping,
nine Bradys prancing,
eight maize ears silking
seven Swamis slimming
six speaks o' Palin,
five molding wings,
four crawling nerds,
three drenched friends,
two hurtled gloves
and a Partridge Family CD

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Dominican Monastery of St. Jude: Daily Life

The many new year's resolutions i have contemplated (and the one i have made) boil down to one:
I resolve to create an horarium and stick to it.

Friends worry that if i follow my own path, i will lose my way.  I tell them they need not worry but they might be right.
Discipline (for me any way) must precede true spontaneity.
No, i do not flap my arms or run around in an endless circle,
but i do have my own form of "stimming."*
excessive games of minesweeper or solitaire, hours of suduko or crossward puzzles.
Then i complain that i have too little time for reading and meditation.

When we were younger (but old enough to think about retirement) i described my ideal retirement to Dianne.
It would be like a monastery with sex.  (Monks of St. Bernard?))
Putting the question of sex aside, there is one monastic feature totally missing from my life: internal discipline.
If i have no internal discipline, i feel i must substitute external discipline for a while.
Since i have no spiritual director, i must impose this external discipline on myself.

Horarium (schedule of hours) is a Roman Catholic term, but i use it anyway since this is my entry into a disciplined spiritual life.  Monks in hermitage are expected to keep the same hours and rituals as their cloistered brothers and sisters.  My horarium should include the following:
> an early rising time (not 5 am!!!)
> enough structure to keep "stimming" to a minimum
> scheduled times  (two) for contemplation (including morning reading, meditation, and prayer)
> preparation and consumption of  three  meals
> time for walks with Niki,
> flexibility to be at Dianne's service on demand.
> taking medications on schedule
> service to others
> journal writing
> fun
> flexibility to be in "the Now."
> an early bed time (before midnight).

* Stimming is the tendency of autistic people to use ritual and repetitive movement to ward off uncomfortable stimuli from the external or internal environment; self stimulation.



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