December 31st, 2011

Tenth Day of Nonsense.

On the tenth day of pretense my agent gave away
10 Fords a beeping,
 9 Bradys Prancing,
 8 maize ears silking,
 7 Swamis slimming,
 6 speaks by Palin,
 5 molding wings,
 4 crawling nerds,
 3 drenched friends,
 2 hurtled gloves,
and a Partridge Family CD


'In the age of perfect virtue they attached no value to wisdom, nor employed men of ability. Superiors were (but) as the higher branches of a tree; and the people were like the deer of the wild. They were upright and correct, without knowing that to be so was Righteousness; they loved one another, without knowing that to do so was Benevolence; they were honest and leal-hearted, without knowing that it was Loyalty; they fulfilled their engagements, without knowing that to do so was Good Faith; in their simple movements they employed the services of one another, without thinking that they were conferring or receiving any gift. Therefore their actions left no trace, and there was no record of their affairs.'

Chuang Tzu Based on James Legge's Translation - The Gold Scales

If people knew how to live, there would be no history.  Is history, then, simply a record of our mistakes as human beings?  I think a case can be made.  So don't worry about how history will regard you.  It will either ignore you or tell what you did wrong.