December 27th, 2011

Sixth Day

On the sixth day of Dysmus, my stalker sent to me,
a sick speech by Palin,
five molding wings,
four crawling nerds,
three drenched friends,
two hurtled gloves,
and a Partridge Family CD.

With apologies to Mike Peters and, of course, the good Christian people who created "The Twelve Days of Christmas."

Chapter 26 - Stan Rosenthal's Tao Te Ching Translation


"The natural way is the way of the sage,
serving as his dwelling,
providing his centre deep within,
whether in his home or journeying.
Even when he travels far,
he is not separate
from his own true nature.
Maintaining awareness of natural beauty,
he still does not forget his purpose.
Although he may dwell in a grand estate,
simplicity remains his guide,
for he is full aware, that losing it,
his roots as well would disappear.
So he is not restless,
lest he loses the natural way......"

Taoism - Stan Rosenthal's Tao Te Ching - Translation

In some other translations this has long been one of my favorite chapters for meditation.
Stan Rosenthal's translation, though not my favorite,  has it own particular charm