December 22nd, 2011

Wo(?)pana(?)o(?)t8(?)a(?)o(?)k* Reclaimed!!

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"The importance and significance of all indigenous languages cannot be emphasized enough.  Languages encompass historical, linguistic, cultural, environmental, and spiritual distinctions that are valuable to all peoples.  The decline of indigenous languages is tragic in that important observations concerning biodiversity--and other human wisdom accrued over millennia--are lost as well.  Information about the natural world and its storehouse of types of edible food, knowledge of weather and tidal movements and scientific illumination about wildlife and insects could potentially become irretrievable   Neurollinguists and other researchers exploring cognitive development and human communication also lose priceless data offering insight into how the human brain (sic**) functions.  By studying the morphology of a language, and its linguistic origins, research into how the brain(sic) constructs reality can be more fully understood."

* (?) I have no idea how these symbols are pronounced or how to indicate pronounciation in the script i use.
** IMPPO "mind" is a more appropriate term for many of the functions neuroscientists attribute to "brain."