November 22nd, 2011

A short biography of Anandamayi Ma

She also sometimes described herself as completely empty with no sense of the "I am" remaining. She was lost in the great void (mahasunya) which was responsible for her actions. The action that emanated from this void was often chaotic and incoherent. Her view was that a universal state of chaos arises due to spontaneous eruptions of the divine will which arise out of this nothingness. But she also talked in theological terms stating that her bhavas or expressions were the play of the Lord (Bhagavan) acting through her body.

Anandamayi considered individual identity to be a kind of spiritual disease. She called it bhava roga, or the disease of feeling where every person looks at him or herself as a separate individual. When some of her disciples complained about the large crowds of people that would sometimes follow her, she responded,

As you do not feel the weight of your head, of hands, and of feet ... so do I feel that these persons are all organic members of THIS BODY; so I don't feel their pressure or find their worries weighing on me. Their joys and sorrows, problems and their solutions, I feel to be vitally mine ... I have no ego sense nor conception of separateness.
Gopinath Kaviraj, ed., Mother as Seen by Her Devotees (Varanasi: Shree Shree Anandamayee Sangha, 1967), p. 94

A short biography of Anandamayi Ma

Nosebleed log

About 3am nose began bleeding into CPAP.  Maybe twenty drops, blew nose (no clot), used afrin type spray, held nose 15 minutes.  No more bleeding so far.

Non Duality

This thought occurred to me while posting a comment to a friend's journal entry.

One of my spiritual goals is to become unable to tell my ass from a hole in the ground.

Another of my spiritual goals is to become unable to tell my ass from a whole in the ground.