November 17th, 2011

Nosebleed Log

Awoke at 6:15 with right nostril dripping blood.  Made three efforts to stop the bleeding.  Bleed stopped about 8 am.  Total loss: about 3/4 cup, swallowed probably another 1/4 cup.

Teresa of Avila: In the Hands of God (fragment)

Give me death, give me life,
Health or sickness,
Honor or shame,
War or swelling peace,
Weakness or full strength,
Yes, to these I say,
What do You want of me?

Give me wealth or want,
Delight or distress,
Happiness or gloominess,
Heaven or hell,
Sweet life, sun unveiled,
To you I give all.
What do You want of me?

Give me, if You will, prayer;
Or let me know dryness,
And abundance of devotion,
Or if not, then barrenness.
In you alone, Sovereign Majesty,
I find my peace,
What do You want of me?

Give me then wisdom.
Or for love, ignorance,
Years of abundance,
Or hunger and famine.
Darkness or sunlight,
Move me here or there:
What do You want of me?

If You want me to rest,
I desire it for love;
If to labor,
I will die working:
Sweet Love say
Where, how and when.
What do You want of me?

Teresa of Avila: In the Hands of God

The Christian mystics do not, as a rule, inspire me like the Sufis do
Of course there is nothing quite like Sufism in Christianity
At least not in Western Europe, i don't know why.
But a mystic is a mystic, no matter what her religious background.
Here Teresa joins Rabia and Catherine of Genoa
in expressing unconditional love
toward that which unconditionally loves her.
She even begs for ignorance, if that be God's will
(and that could be God's will).