November 14th, 2011

Bulleh Shah : Poems and Biography

Bulleh Shah : Poems and Biography

About two years ago, i read all of the 300+ poets whom Ivan Granger had gathered together in his sacred poetry website, http://www;poetry-chaikhanna  Thus was a wonderful experience, especially because i knew almost nothing about sacred song, outside of a few Christian hymns.  The downside is that i didn't spend much time with a lot of poets who deserved my greater attention.

Poets go where the rest of us do not; but some go farther than others, to places deeper, stranger, more awesome.  They return with words from this apparently silent journey and those words are beautiful but confusing, and admittedly not descriptive of the experience.  Bulleh Shah is one of those who has traveled far and deep and has returned with a rather accurate, it seems to me, description of where he has been.  Like Ryokan or Francis, Bulleh Shah's deep love and total emptiness allowed him to behave in ways that others found hard to appreciate.  But he knew what it meant to live in the "kingdom of god."

Sixteen poems are recorded at this site.  I might be able to pick out one i like better than the others (perhaps "Love Springs Eternal, Come," or "Look Into Yourself), but they are all great.

Silence... - Marsha Sinetar - Google Books

This link is to the final chapter of Marsha Sinetar's book.  The chapter is titled "Solitude and Silence in the Development of Wholeness.

Ordinary people as monks and mystics ... - Marsha Sinetar - Google Books

This is from a bookseller, who is skipping every other page.  Fortunately, the redundancy of language is such that you will probably be able to follow the discussion even if half the pages are missing.  I did, however, want to complete the paragraph that begins on page 147:

"It is in silence that our reflective ability--and our need to reflect--is born.  In silence we grow more aware: sounds, however distant, or the absence of them, bring out the hidden parts of our personality, triggering thoughts and various fleeting phenomena in our body and attention.  In silence we perceive the ineffable, that which cannot be verbalized, cannot be made concrete.  In silence and solitude our individuality is affirmed.  As we cease to speak, sitting or speaking quietly, within our own hearts and mind, we confront our past actions, aspirations, our most cherished dream figures.  Not only do we meet ourselves in silence, but the silence heals us as well, for it is here in the still, immovable, changeless aspects of our very own self, that we find the safety to go through our pain, and ultimately, the safety to meet our most sacred, private self, the self we are at the core of our being.  Thus we rediscover and renew ourselves at the heart."

"Something in us ..... is strengthened by silence, just as our physical bodies are strengthened by sleep....."

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