November 8th, 2011

The Catholic Worker Newspaper, Price 1 cent.

Every two or three months, i receive a copy of The Catholic Worker, a radical, anarchist "newspaper" started in 1935 by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day.  It is devoted to the activities of the community and obituaries are commonly a prominent feature; but there is rarely an issue that does not lift my spirits and allow me to feel that i am not alone in the world and that i am not crazy for thinking the subversive thoughts i sometimes have about my government and my world.

This month i really got my penny's* worth.  There were several informative articles about social justice. war. poverty, work, and spirituality.  Most notable were the review of a new book on St. Francis of Assisi and an article on education "reform"

Bill Griffin wrote a full page review of The Saint and the Sultan, by Paul Moses focusing on an episode in the Fifth Crusade when Francis and Sultan Malik al-Kamil tried to negotiate an end to the war.  I gained new respect for both men.

The other article "What Passes for Education." by Patrick Walsh is reproduced in the link below (same article, different source.)  If you are still unaware of how the Wealthy and the Right Wing are trying to destroy American education, you need to read this.     
In Darkness Visible: The Corporate and Oligarchic War on Public Education and Public Life « Raginghorseblog 

*Actually i must pay more than a penny for my copy of the CW.  Since regular subscribers must have addresses (and can presumably afford to pay more), i must pay twenty-five cents for my annual subscription of seven issues or approximately 3.6 cents per copy.