November 7th, 2011

Writer's Block: The missing piece

What do you believe we are missing in this world?
That is a provocative question! and i have about 100 answers for it..  Here is the one i choose today.
What are we missing in this world?  Nothing and everything.
We are told that the kingdom of god is within us.
We are told that we all have our Buddha nature.
We are told that the Way is the way and that its lessons are simple and all around us in nature.
We are told these things in a hundred different ways as part of the spiritual experience of every culture and society
We are part of the perfection that is the universe
and we are given the freedom to contaminate that perfection
with ego and intolerance and righteousness and greed..
We know this, yet we do not know that we know it.
What can i do about it?
I can be selfless and tolerant.
But how can i do that
I can forget about whatever you are doing and focus on what i am doing.
I am meditating.
I am meditating in silence.

That is what we are missing in the world, the silence.

Successful Surgery

My younger daughter has just had surgery to remove a large tumor from her torso in the area of the uterus, which probably involved the removal of that organ also.  She was just taken to post anasthesia care.  I know this because we were able to follow the procedure on the hospital website. just as though we were sitting in the hospital waiting room -- marvel of technology.  The phone is ringing now; that is her husband, D. calling to let us know that the the surgery went well, the tumor was benign, the uterus was removed, and one ovary was saved.  All is well.