November 3rd, 2011

Nosebleed Log

A few daus ago a couple drops of blood fell from my right nostril, no big deal.  Then two days ago, Tuesday, Nov. 1, on the way home from the eye doctor, i felt moisture in my nose, by the time i had driven halfway home i was bleeding profusely (not in spurts, but in a steady drip.).  I grabbed my nose and drove with one hand.   Arriving home, i immediately started the procedure to stop the bleeding.  Twenty minutes later, there was still a steady drip, i repeated the procedure; twenty minutes later, still bleeding.  Tried a third time to stop it a third time without success, then drove myself to the Urgent Car.  The bleeding stopped about the time i was admitted==a little embarrassing.  Next time i will try at least four times to stop the bleeding before seeking help.

(I've been keeping this log private, but so-far there have been only three entries