November 1st, 2011

Ordinary Mystic?

"...we can see and touch nothing that is fixed, changeless, absolute.  First one realizes that everything is relative, maybe later on that everything is related.....From here it is a short step to a sense of stewardship; I have the responsibility of caring for what is entrusted to me and of limiting my acquisitions of more than i need.   ......Much of the disorder that we see ...comes from confused priorities and from attempts to be in control.

"I'm slowly learning that other people are basically like me.  I can assume that the deep 'self' of another person will answer...whenever I am expecting to discover a brother or sister...."

                          ---Anonymous Christian "Mystic" quoted in
                          Marsha Sinetar, Ordinary People As Monks and Mystics:
                          Lifestyles for Self-Discovery,  1986, p.121