October 10th, 2011

Robert Manwill and the Department of Health and Welfare.

Later this month the results of an "independent" investigation of the actions of the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare as they pertain to the the death of Robert Manwill and the safety of Idaho Children generally.should be available to the public.   IDHW says that it followed all procedures required by law in the situation and Robert was not under their jurisdiction (though his infant half-brother was).

Trial testimony, as reported in yesterday  morning's local newspaper,  revealed that, in the twenty-four days immediately prior to Robert's murder, welfare workers and investigators were regularly  in the apartment where Robert was staying .  In fact, they were there almost daily. They asked to see Robert, they never saw him,  they never saw his injuries, they never saw his weight loss, they never saw other indications of abuse.  They accepted a variety of contradictory explanations for his absence.  The underlying message for me was: if you participate in an organization that is bureaucratically structure, one plus one equals two if, and only if, that knowledge is part of the standard operating procedure.  Failure to see a problem and deal with it was, in this case, sheer stupidity!

The committee that is investigating the IDHW consists of seventeen persons including a variety of doctors, lawyers, cops, child welfare experts and child advocates.  I'm thinking this may be more positive attention than Robert got through the entire eight years of his life.  I hope the report will be worth reading, but i am not counting on it.

If the "biobabblers"*  are right and this is the most non-violent era in the experience of the human specie, i feel really sorry for children who lived in any previous era.

* If "psychobabble" is the spouting of theories of human behavior based on inadequate knowledge of psychology, perhaps we need an equivalent term for those who make statements about human behavior based on biological assumptions that ignore the historical,  structural, cultural and mental bases for said behavior.

Yes, i am a Political Junkie

A person has an addiction when,
He repeats a behavior which has failed in the past,
expecting that the result this time will be different
She is an addict when
She sacrifices goals with great value
to attain something of little value,
He is a junkie when he runs roughshod over other people
to get things he claims he doesn't care about
She is a junkie when she consumes toxic junk
while believing it to be toxic junk.

I put my spiritual journey on hold,
I resent my wife's claims on my time and attention,
because i am reading about, or thinking about, politics.

How can i not do everything i can to make sure my guy,
the good guy, gets in.
What if one of those idiots who are trying to outdo each other
to prove that they alone can make the poor suffer more,
or drive the illegal immigrants to despair,
to prove the hated are more hateful than we think they are
and that they deserve even less humane consideration than the little they get.
or to get more and more wealth into the
hands of the more and more wealthy
while pretending they know how to "create" wealth, gets in..

I go down this road every four years,
thinking this time will be different.
This will be the twenty fifth time, by actual count,
That i have brought myself to a polling place
to cast a ballot for my loser--
or for a candidate who wins but disappoints.

I say i want to touch the divine
I say i am an anarchist
but i vote.
I feel my anger turn to hate,
I know this separates me from my soul.
I know this is my ego working

Those guys, the other guys, those i wont vote for
They can't be as ignorant as they appear.
Something else is going on -- something evil.
This is what i say about my fellow human beings--
God's other children.