September 27th, 2011

Back Past Normal

Today was my last session of physical therapy.  Tomorrow will be my last day on blood thinner.  I am officially rehabilitated.

I took Dianne out to get our flu shots, every movement seemed  effortless.  I'm back to normal, back beyond  normal, actually.

The saying: "today is the first  day of the rest of your life," never seemed truer than it does right now.

Monday i did the grocercy shopping.  Its been taking me two hours to shop the store, yesterday it took one hour from walking in to walking out.

My mood is also elevated, this could simply by the up side of a depression cycle, but i don't think so.

Tonight i think i will sleep well and "tomorrow will be another day."

Robert Manwill Update

In early September, while i was thinking about myself and my hip,  Robert Manwill's mother and MEBF were sentenced.
Mom was sentenced to 25 years because of a plea agreement.  MEBF was given two consecutive life sentences plus years, without possibility of parole.  I normally give little thought to unknowable things; but i hope there is a place where dead children go where they can play and live,
This world is clearly no longer such a place for growing millions of the earth's human children .