September 19th, 2011

Generic Meditation Issues: Anarchy, Mysticism, Autism

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So, I am culling my library and i come across Terence Cook,  The Great Alternatives of Social Thought, published in 1991.  Like a lot of systematic social rheory, this book looks at two dimensions and comes up, inevitably, with four theories.  In this case the dimensions are " Buddhist want reduction" versus product expansion ("Baconian power expansion"  and concern for social equality versus lack of such concern.
Thus product increase can be combined with inequality ("Capitalism") or with equality ("Socialism").  Want reduction can be combined with inequality (Aristocracy) or with equality.  Cook called this last alternative "the Saint's" alternative, and, indeed, he includes among the representative figures of this point of view Lao Tse, the Buddha, and Jesus.  The major argument Cook makes against this position is that "saintliness is not a majority pursuit."

So why does the path of want reduction plus economic equality seem so obvious to me, so obviously necessaryt and so obviously (when maybe it really isn't) possible.?  If all people could avoid attachment to their preferences, they would not see a need for government to regulate the behavior of other people; they would find their egos had been subdued to the point where mystical consciouness would be possible.  Is it possible that autistic people can conceive this, believe this, and achieve this more easily than others car?

Anyway, i think i'll keep the book