September 18th, 2011

Endangered Words

We spent a pleasant early afternoon watching book reviews on  CSPN2.  One on Tobacco and Chocolate in Pre-Columbian America and post-Columbian Europe; another on the Origins of Modern Afghanistan' still another on the the Housing Financing debacle.  All quite excellent.  Then there was a talk on a book with "patriot" in the title, sponsored by the "heritage" foundation; Dianne immediately switched channels.

Certain words have have become so commercialized or politicized that they no longer roll off my tongue or cross my mind without causing disgust or distress.   Just hearing or thinking them is painful.  Some, like "Nazi" or "Hell," have been anathema for years, but for many the negativity has only set in since the first G. W. Bush election in 1992

Words (or phrases) no longer in my vocabulary:
1. Rewards
2. Tea party
3. Sub-prime
(edit) 4. Ladies

....list will be continued

Words on the "endangered" list:
1. Social
2. Freedom
3. Choice
4. Morality
5. Heritage
6. Homeland
7. Family
8, Patriot
9. Conservative
10. Products
,,, etc.