August 28th, 2011

"Like a Buddhist Sufi"

Last night my soul asked a question of existence.
Why are you upside down with flames in your belly?
Happy, unhappy, indigo-orange like the sky?

Why are you an off-balance wobbling millstone,
like the Buddhist Sufi, Ibrahim Balkhi,
who was king, beggar, buddha, and dervish?

Existence answers, All this was made
by the one who hides inside you.

You are like a beautiful new bride,
quick to anger, stubborn,
hot, naked, but still veiled.


RUMI DAYS: Apr 16, 2010

Could this be the soul's perception of existence?
Certainly it could be my description of me.
"an off-balance, wobbling millstone...
quick to anger, stubborn,
hot, naked, but still veiled."
Well, maybe not so "hot."

I like the image "Buddha, Sufi"
and other nouns/verbs come to mind.
shaman, sage, seeker, pilgrim.
A wise master said there is no such thing as "sufism."
The Arabic word means, "becoming a Sufi."
So there is no such thing as a sufi either,
only seekers in the process of becoming Sufis

Perhaps there are no Christs, no Prophets.
Perhaps no one is wise, no not one.
But only seekers in the precess of attaining wisdom.
There are only those farther along the path,
the trick is how to recognize them?

(edit: But the above was less than half the poem.
The remainder offers clues and markers.
Silence is one; love another.

Writer's Block: The state of perception

Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?
Well, it wouldn't be sight or sound; i'm having problems in both senses and would sorely miss either one. On the one hand there are only five senses, and they must all be important, whether i think so or not. On the other, i am becoming more convinced that the empirical world is ephemeral as well as phenomenal and that none of the senses is that important in the great scheme. The soul and the mystery would still have some way of hooking up.

So which would it be? taste, touch, or smell? I like to taste things, smell them, and touch them. There is a belief that the loss of one sense sharpens the others; i don't believe that.
The loss of one sense might force us to use the others more and use of a sense will sharpen it, But i think that the loss of any sense probably diminishes all the others. In children, and in some adults, the senses seem to merge into a single sense so that they "see" noises, and "hear" colors and "taste" odors. So i would hate to lose any sense, but by a process of elimination, i finally come to taste. I like to taste things, but i would rather touch and smell them. Taste also keeps me overweight,